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If you …

  • Know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience
  • Believe you CAN create your Divine life
  • Want to learn how to do it more effectively, more efficiently, more simply …

well, then, welcome!

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.” Most of us understand – and believe in – the power in changing our thoughts.  But, sometimes …

  • Old habits kick up and take over (ever hear “Old habits die hard”?)
  • You get triggered and find yourself upset by the same old thing
  • Relationships don’t seem to change, no matter what
  • Your wealth isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like
  • Your health is experiencing some challenges
  • Your business is at the effect of the economic challenges
  • Your love life is, shall we say, stale

  • You find yourself stuck in the same way of doing things
  • Intentions you set simply aren’t coming into being – at least as quickly as you’d like
  • And so on…

Here’s the great news: you can change your life … by changing your thoughts.  By changing your beliefs.  By changing your energy.  Easily.  Gently.  (And sometimes very quickly!)

If you

  • Want to learn how to create more wealth, more love, and more joy in your life? (and who doesn’t?), or, if you

  • Want to learn HOW to create more of what you desire – with frankly a minimum amount of effort, and, if you

  • Believe that it is possible to do these things,

then you, my friend, are in the right place.

Thank you!

Here’s how it works:

When you change your thoughts, you change your beliefs.

When you change your beliefs, you change openness to opportunity.

When you change your openness to opportunity, you change your willingness to receive.

When you change your willingness to receive, guess what?


You receive!!!

By the way, I practice what I preach.  I have changed my life using the tools and techniques I teach.

  • I have created my ideal work.
  • I have created my ideal partner.
  • I have created wonderful relationships with others.
  • I have created delightful abundance.

(But it took a HUGE trauma for me to learn this.)  Now you can learn it without experiencing a “Trauma Drama.”

Now here’s the really cool thing about this: so can you!  (We all can!)

  • You can create great abundance.
  • You can create your ideal work.
  • You can create your ideal partner.
  • You can create wonderful relationships with others.
  • You can create whatever it is you want in your life!
Yes, Rev. Anne! I’m Ready for More!

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(By the way, just in case you are wondering if I’m blowing smoke, I’m not.) Because sometimes it’s just easier to believe things from a 3d party, well … here you go:

Thank You!

MandeI was first introduced to the EFT in one of Joe Vitale’s books but Anne has given me the power to eliminate any blocks or strong emotions that hold me back from achieving the success I want to. The knowledge that the power is in MY hands is so empowering. Anne’s incorporation of affirmations with the tapping makes it enormously more powerful. I’d recommend to anyone that is truly interested in changing their lives to give Anne’s products and coaching a try. The shifts in my life in the last 6 months since working with her have been transformational.

Thank you Anne!

Mande White, MBA,

“Anne – All I can say is THANK YOU! For years I have struggled with my home-based business and with your help and tapping, I finally have clarity, I have definiteness of purpose, and I have freedom to pursue my business in the way that is congruent with me and my beliefs! I’ve been able to let go of limiting thoughts and find my own inner strength. I’m so grateful that you shared your gift with me. All the best!” Victoria Church — Law of Attraction Coach

I have absolutely adored working with you, Anne. You have had a monumental impact on my life.   I have learned how my thoughts, positive vs. negative, were creating my life (personal & business).  When I took control of those thoughts, it was so instrumental in turning my life around 360!  I’ve learned I am the creator of my own happiness, and that it comes totally from within.

It has been incredibly empowering working with you.  I have learned I can manifest in ways I never dreamt.  This was so new for me, and now it is so freeing and exciting!


Anyone – at any walk in life – can implement this fabulous process in their own life.  That’s what is so wonderful.   If everyone could just get one hour of your time, the world would be a better place!  Thank you so much!

Love, Debbie

Debbie Hobar

Thank you!

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Exclusive 28-Day Mini E-Course: “Tappin It Into Bein’!” This e-course will

  • help you get started tapping (using EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple, easy-to-use acupressure technique),
  • teach you where the acupressure points are,

  • how to tap (and why), and it will

  • teach you how to get started.

You will receive one email every four days to give you time to do the homework.

In addition, you will receive a complimentary subscription to my ezine, “Thinkin’ It Into Bein’!” filled with

  • tips on how to use tapping, affirmations and the Law of Attraction together,
  • along with stories of people who have changed their lives using these tools, and
  • ideas on how you can create the life you desire.


Value for these gifts… PRICELESS.

Thank you!

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So, here’s the thing:  you can create lasting change when you change the way you think, and not only in your life, but also in the lives of many others.  Because, dear friend, as you change your life, as you change your beliefs, as you change your conversations about money, and love, and happiness, you change the world around you.

And that is worth everything, don’t you think?

Thank you so much for visiting, and … Happy Tapping!


Rev. Anne Presuel
Thank you!

p.s.  If you are ready to create more abundance, more love, more joy, more peace, and more time (and it’s time to recognize your own co-creative abilities) … and you want the structure to put those abilities into action, then let’s play!  You CAN Create Your Divine Life!  Your first step?  To say “Yes!” to yourself!

I’ve attended seminars and retreats before with the intention of breaking through barriers to happiness only to find myself disappointed in the results. I had begun to become cynical about the broken promises of the self-help bandwagon and only half believed that I could ever fully relax… after many dollars spent on everything from yin yoga to life coaching. Plus, too many people leading the way treated me like I was broken and needed fixed.

Then came along Anne.

I had casually heard of EFT before and even had one practitioner perform Thought Field Therapy (a close relative of EFT) on me years before, as if I were a lab experiment! I believed that “any of those tapping thing” just didn’t work on me. Luckily Anne gave a free talk and demonstration which I attended because she came so highly recommended. I immediately felt at ease with Anne and had a helpful session that evening. She explains things in a way that makes the process accessible and effective. This is the reason I attended the workshop.

I arrived with much resistance and had to face my fear of speaking in front of a group of people as the weekend progressed. Every time I had something to say, I performed EFT on myself beforehand. After much wisdom and simple exercises given to us by Anne, I became more in tune with my core issues around my fear of speaking publicly. I worked on them using her teaching of how to best tap the healer within. By Sunday I was skipping up to the microphone and feeling natural and at ease talking with all those people watching! That is a breakthrough!

Anne has a down-to-earth method to her teaching. I always felt compassion coming from her and she believed in me when I was unsure, treating me as an equal. I feel safe with Anne because she has pure, powerful caring emanating from her as she works magic through her intuition and direction. Plus, she is realistic about how to use this practice, along with positive affirmations and the law of attraction, while still honoring life’s imperfection.